Joyous Spirit Yoga

Valerie has been practicing yoga on and off since 1999. After the passing of her mother early in 2011 she attended a 10 day yoga retreat in Yogaville, VA at the Satchidinanda Ashram. Then after the passing of her father in 2012 she began yoga teacher training and earned her RYT 200 teaching certificate in May of 2013. Later that year she earned her Meditation Teaching Certificate. Since then she has taken several specialized trainings including Yoga Warriors with Lucy Cimini which is an international program designed for helping those with PTSD especially the Military and their families and most recently The Relax and Renew Restorative Training with Judith Lassiter. Valerie is bringing specialized yoga to locations around the Erie area including Rolling Yoga, a class designed for those in Wheel Chairs. Teaching Chair Yoga at the JOY Center currently located in the Stull Interpretive Center on Presque Isle as well as a class at the Plasha Yoga Studio in Village West. More to Love Yoga is a class she has designed for those who believe they could never “do yoga”, a safe gentle yoga class for all body types, sizes and conditions. This class is being taught at the Empowerment Resource Center

Regular Class Schedule at the Empowerment Resource Center location in the Yurt – First class is always free. $10 a class.
4508 Zuck Rd. Erie, PA
10AM Monday
6:30PM Wednesday
10AM Thursday
Private/Individual Lessons available upon request.



Celebrating over 15 years in the practice of yoga, Erin brings not only seasoned expertise but also a unique ability to provide a holistic, deeply personal experience to each soul she encounters on their mat.  This love of yoga stems from the many twists and turns of living; seeking the beauty in the mundane, sanity in the chaos, and the healing of pain.  Believing that each breath is a precious gift, Erin devotes her time to opening the door to the magic that we all possess within by gently encouraging individuals to meet themselves right where they are and breathe into their own ability to create the existence in which they can not only live well but rise to meet their pure potentiality. Unwavering in this belief of the body’s ability to heal, she is a true champion of a deep and personal practice of yoga.

A fully certified yoga instructor, studio owner, and Reiki practitioner, Erin is inspired by the work of Judith Hanson Lassater, Paul Grilley, Donna Eden, and Lauren Walker. Specialty work includes Restorative Yoga and Aerial Yoga which furthers self healing and regeneration of body, mind, and spirit.  Her teaching style reflects the sage wisdom of slowing down and tuning in to return to the roots of stability and love.

Erin teaches at Pranayoga which is where you will also find the Bolts of Love events most Thursdays.