Year TWO

Contracts with instructors are still coming in for this year — this is an outline for future planning purposes. No registrations for this year will take place until March of 2017. Please check back for updates.

6 WEEKENDS: $1295 ($125 savings)
Purchase individually at cost listed in the description of each weekend
Please scan down to see all of the instructor biographies
A basic outline for each weekend is below. Each weekend is designed to build on the other, although weekend may also stand on their own for those who feel drawn to one or two particular weekends. We believe that the participants help to guide the discussion and the content of each weekend.
There is a tab at the end of the page to purchase individual weekends or the 6 weekend package.

Feb 3,4 2018: Winter Healing Weekend. Singing Bowls (Nancy Bowden), Reiki and Spiritual Healing with Jenn Shepherd and Vince Bardo, QiGong (Michael Hronas), Yoga (Valerie Baltzer and Janina Lee), Meditation and Prayer with Karen McGrath

March 8,9,10 Evidential Mediumship – Reviewing and Understanding and Practicing the Basics with Celeste Elliott and Jenn Shepherd

April 6,7,8 2018: April 8: Colleen Vanderzyden

June 2,3 2018 Angels with George Koury and Numerology with Adam Bernstein – Evening of Spirit Messages with George Koury, Adam Bernstein and Jenn Shepherd

July : World Spiritualist Congress in Stanstead England

August 3,4,5 2018

Oct 5,6,7 2018: Platform Mediumship with Cindy Kaza – Evening of Spirit Messages with Cindy Kaza and Jenn Shepherd

Instructors include:
Jenn Shepherd
Celeste Elliott
Kimberly Kelleher
Bonnie White
Karen Mcgrath
Judy Galsick
Don Scott
John White
Nancy Bowden