WWWeb of Light

WWWeb of Light

All are welcome to join us online for an experience with the Light. The Light is a name for Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Mind, God, Unconditional Love, Life Force Energy, … I AM.

No Matter who we are, where we are, our past or our present we are children of the Divine. We carry the Light of Creation within our souls, and have the ability and often the responsibility to share this with one another, remembering that we are all Manifested Creations of Love having an experience to enhance ALL … EVERYWHERE … AND ALL TIMES.

This service is a “Spiritualist” Service and as such follows the principles outlined below.

  1. There is an Infinite Intelligence: All Good and Omnipotent.
  2. The Natural World Expresses the Divine Nature.
  3. Our faith and our prayer is a verb.
  4. The individual consciousness present as human souls continues after the change called death.
  5. As souls we are reflections of Divine and are charged to treat everyone, including ourselves as such.
  6. All forms of Spiritual connection and expression are driven by our awareness and trust of the Light within.
  7. Knowing these principles is not enough; we must live the truth we know.

To join the experience you will need the ZOOM app.

CLICK HERE for the link to join at 8PM Eastern on MONDAYS

or you may enter the following information into your ZOOM app.

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