Keys To The Universe


A WALK ON THE SPIRIT SIDE: Spiritual Development and Discovery Weekends

We are please to announce the Bolts of Love: KEYS TO THE UNIVERSE Programming. The Program will be delivered in weekend formats over a two year period. Each weekend may be experienced individually or as an entire package/school. Those who wish to take the school option will also receive coursework to be completed in-between weekends. Those that decide to complete coursework the first year will earn:
Recognition as a Bolts of Love Level 1 and 2 Healer and as medium in training. Certificates will be awarded for those completing course work.

Those completing coursework for year two will earn recognition as a Bolts of Love Level 3 Healer. Participants will also receive recognition in the form of certificate documentation for the mediumship classes attended, and course work completed in this area.

Each weekend will have special instructors as well as Bolts of Love mentors on hand to help with the exercises and any questions you may have.

Participants will achieve an awareness of 
– Self
-Healing Arts
-Psychic Senses
Mediumistic Faculties

Year One Curriculum Includes: (Dates and Instructors for year one please click HERE)

Allowing for Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit Unity
Exploration of Healing through QiGong, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Meditation and Sound (Singing Bowls)
The basics of a Home Circle, Developing a personal relationship with Spirit and The Theory of Everything
Developing a system of personal prayer, and expanding on your already established prayer practice
Bringing the Sacred into every day life.
Sitting in and for the power of Spirit
Discovering and utilizing your psychic senses
Applying practical applications to mediumship
The healing and service of mediumship
Evidential Mediumship and Mediumship in a Public/Platform setting
Exploration of Spirit Art production and interpretation

Year Two Curriculum includes: Dates and Instructors for year two please click HERE)

Deepening the Awareness of personal relationship with Spirit
Furthering the exploration of Healing through QiGong, Reiki, Spiritual Healing and Sound
Developing Medical Intuition
Allowing for the experience of going beyond the confines of any modality for healing
Evidential Mediumship with Janet Nohavec of The Journey Within in Pompton Lakes, NJ
Different styles of individual readings (Psychic, mediumship, oracle cards, color, etc)
Furthering Public Mediumship
Expansion of psychometric skills
Deepening the state of attunement with Spirit
Spirit Inspiration through writing, lectures, speech, art, music …. allowing for you to be the medium you are meant to be
Public Demonstration of mediumship
History of Physical Mediumship in Spiritualism: Experience Table Tipping and Spoon Bending and discerning when Spirit is involved in Phenomena and when it is our own use of the energy available.
Discussion of how to further oneself from here
Opportunity to travel with Bolts of Love to The World Spiritualist Congress in Stanstead England (This will have a separate price-point and more information will be shared as it is available)