Keys To The Universe


A WALK ON THE SPIRIT SIDE: Spiritual Development and Discovery Weekends


June 2,3,4 Keys to the Universe: Connection
Come for the whole weekend or your favorite part
Rev. John White: Friday 6:30 – 9:30 PM Bringing the Sacred into Every Day Life. This class will involve lecture, practice, meditation, experience. $50 stand alone class
Don Scott: Saturday 9AM-12PM ($50) Developing Energy From Within: Connecting to Universe, Be ready to move during this session, feel your body, experience standing and gentle movements for both connecting to Universe and to self . The main feature of this Workshop will be the connecting to Universe exercise/practice/meditation.
Lunch from 12-1:30
Mediumship Development Circle w/ Jenn Shepherd. Saturday 1:30-4:30 $30 Sitting in the Power of Spirit, Strengthening your link with Spirit, Understanding and delivering evidence and messages from Spirit. How to create space and sit in your own Home Circle.
Demonstration of Mediumship (Messages from Spirit) 1PM -2:30PM with Jenn Shepherd and Judy Galsick ($20) – This Demonstration will take place after service at Unity in Edinbor which starts at 11:00AM – Everyone is invited to service.
Judy Galsick: Sunday 3-5PM Composing and Connecting through the eyes of Spirit Recognizing Signs From Spirit, Use of a Spirit Journal, how Spirit works in Every Day. Inspired and Automatic Writing. ($30)
$125 for the entire weekend ($55 savings over paying individually for the sessions) or choose which session is best for you.
Jenn Shepherd is a trained and recognized evidential medium, QiGong/Reiki and Spiritual Healer, lecturer and teacher. Her full bio is at
Don Scott is a NY licensed massage therapist. He is a a QiGong practitioner and instructor through Robert Peng’s Elixir of Light School and is a 500 hour trained Yoga instructor from Kipalru. his full bio may be found at
Rev. John White is a registered Lily Dale medium with 40 plus years experience with Spirit, mediumship and meditation. John travels all over the world to teach and to continue his own studies and is well versed in eastern philosophies. His full bio may be found at
Judy Galsick is a trained medium and healer. She is especially proud of her wide variety of training with mediums from Lily Dale, Fellowships of the Spirit, Bolts of Love and with Judith Rochester and Donya Lyons. She is particuarly talented at connecting with Spirit through every day means and has developed a very unique style of record keeping and journaling with Spirit.

AUGUST 4-6 Power
Friday Aug 4: 7pm-9pm Healing and Spirit Messages. This evening is geared towards the healing needs of all those who attend as well as the intentions received. We will explore a healing meditation circle as well as chair hands on healing. The second part of the evening will be a demonstration of Evidential mediumship. Several in attendance will receive messages from Spirit. This evening is a “give back” evening. Grateful for the opportunity to share and serve this evening is a donation event.
Saturday Aug 5: Sound Healing with Singing Bowls led by Nancy Bowden
. nd healing works and lead all those in attendance through a sound healing meditation experience. please bring pillow/blanket/yogamat … anything you feel you will need to be comfortable during experience.
11:15AM-12:30PM Living in the NOW with Sharon Waring
: Sharon Graduated from Edinboro University with a BS in Elementary and Special Education. She worked with Sarah Reed Children’s Center, the Achievement Center and Worked as a Family Counselor at Family Services of Northwestern. Sharon obtained dual degree in Elementary and Special Education from Edinboro University and has Taught “At Risk” children. ($15 session)
2pm-4pm Power through A Course in Miracles with Rev. Josh Dolecki $20 session
Sunday 12:30-1:30 Karen Mcgrath: The importance and development of prayer. Expanding and deepening your spiritual practice. ($15 session)
2-6pm Spiritual Healing/Reiki/QiGong and You – Reiki II certification material included with Rev. Jenn Shepherd – Those attending ALL of Sunday starting with the importance of Prayer and Deepening Spiritual Practice will have anough information to complete Spiritual Healing and Reiki II with Bolts of Love after completing and turning in practice hours/
homework ($50 session – or $60 when taken with the morning session to complete Spiritual Healing/ Reiki II material)


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