Below are short bios and links to receive more information and schedule sessions for both Psychic/Mediumship readings and Reiki/Spiritual Healing sessions. All practitioners listed have had some of their training and experience through Bolts of Love and are known for both their talents and integrity.

Jenn Shepherd: Jenn Shepherd is an ordained Spiritualist Minister, trained Evidential Medium, Psychic, QiGong/Reiki and Spiritual Healer. She teaches and speaks regularly at events, church services, and through the Bolts of Love Keys to the Universe program and has authored two books on Healing and Mediumship.  Please see her full biography at
Schedule with Jenn through the Bolts of Love Scheduling Page, by leaving a message at 814-314-9297 or email



Karen McGrath (The Listener): Karen McGrath is an ordained minister with over 25 years of Human Behavior and Counseling experience.  Spiritual Counseling and Reiki/Energy Healing sessions are being offered by Karen through Bolts of Love. Karen has earned a BA in Human Behavior and Communication from Mercyhurst, an MA in Pastoral Ministry with High Honors from Gannon University and has experience through several Hospice organizations, Stairways, Charter Behavioral Health, Erie Dawn and Cove Forge Outpatient Recovery in the areas of Bereavement, Rehabilitation, Addictions, Pastoral Ministry and as a personal case manager. She is also a very accomplished Reiki Master.
Karen’s entire bio may be found at THE LISTENER. You may schedule an appointment with Karen through the Bolts of Love Scheduling Page. 


Erin Stolz: Erin is a a founding member of Bolts of Love and is a Reiki Master. She is available for consultations at the Bolts of Love Thursday night programming.

Valerie Baltzer: Valerie is a Reiki Healer and has been practicing yoga on and off since 1999. After the passing of her mother early in 2011 she attended a 10 day yoga retreat in Yogaville, VA at the Satchidinanda Ashram. Then after the passing of her father in 2012 she began yoga teacher training and earned her RYT 200 teaching certificate in May of 2013. Later that year she earned her Meditation Teaching Certificate. Since then she has taken several specialized trainings including Yoga Warriors with Lucy Cimini which is an international program designed for helping those with PTSD especially the Military and their families and most recently The Relax and Renew Restorative Training with Judith Lassiter. Valerie is bringing specialized yoga to locations around the Erie area including Rolling Yoga, a class designed for those in Wheel Chairs. Teaching Chair Yoga at the JOY Center currently located in the Stull Interpretive Center on Presque Isle as well as a class at the Plasha Yoga Studio in Village West. More to Love Yoga is a class she has designed for those who believe they could never “do yoga”, a safe gentle yoga class for all body types, sizes and conditions. 

Schedule with Valerie for a Healing through the Bolts of Love Scheduling Page.

Vince Bardo:  Vince Bardo is a pricing analyst for Parker Autoclave Systems working with Pressure Reactors used in gas and oil research and has held this position for 38 years.  He started having ESP and psychic experiences at the age of 10 and in 2007 a health issue allowed for the awareness and exploration of the abilities of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience and leading to an interest in Paranormal Activity and Paranormal investigation.  Vince is a talented traveling Clairvoyant, Reiki and Spiritual Healer; including medical intuitive abilities, and a psychic medium. He has furthered his own knowledge and training through the work of John Holland, Tony Stockwell and Gordon Smith.  He credits both Willa White and Janet Dershem as early influences allowing him to embrace his abilities and Vince has also studied with Celeste Elliot of Lily Dale for mediumship and Jessica Bryant for energy work and Cindy Kaza on Evidential Mediumship.

Schedule with Vince for Healing through the Bolts of Love Scheduling Page.

Lorrie Kostreba: Lorrie Kostreba (holds a Mastery of Meditation Teacher’s Training certification with Anmol Mehta). She is also a talented Psychic/Medium and Reiki/Spiritual Healer. She holds both meditation and Discussion groups each week and is available for private appointments. She works from The White Butterfly in Corry, PA which she owns and operates. Please contact Lorrie at The White Butterfly for an appointment. 814-664-4181



Stacey Bicek: Stacey owns and operates Stacey’s Reiki and Essentials, LLC. in Mercer, PA. She is a very talented Reiki Master and an essential oils enthusiast and suicide advocate for the AFSP. You may schedule an appointment with her by calling (724) 372-0742