All are welcome to participate with Bolts of Love. As a group it shares in recognition that we all carry with us the capacity for Love, Light and Healing. There are no dogmas, there are no faith or non-faith requirements. Bolts of Love has a mission to allow space for gatherings; facilitating the meeting, healing, sharing and growth for all who gather.

Each Spiritual Journey is unique. At Bolts Of Love, we believe in sharing our unique stories and experiences in a community effort to recognize both personal and Universal Truths. We understand that everyone has a unique understanding and even vocabulary when it comes to our human experience and relationship to Divine. We are all one in our journey and search whether we recognize Spirit, Divine, God, Universe, Energy, Nature…..etc. The LIGHT and LOVE are all the same.

2 Locations:
Pranayoga – a little breathing room
1001 West 6th Street
Erie, PA 16507
(Inside Virgil’s Plate)

Discovering Mediumship Online Course

Unity in Edinboro
130 Meadville Street Rm. 1
Edinboro, PA 16412

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